It's official! More Spider Movies

With Spider-Man: No Way Home Increasingly close to us, many wonder if this will be the last time we see Tom Holland in the Arachnid costume. During the last days, the actor has made a series of comments that pointed to the exit of him from the MCU, to give him his space of thousands of morals. However, It seems that this will not be the case, and a new trilogy with Holland would already be under development.

According to Amy Pascal, producer that has been involved in multiple Spider-Man films, and played an important role between Sony and Disney's collaboration to take this character to MCU, Marvel Studios will continue making Spider-Man movies, which will be starred by Tom Holland. This was what he commented in an interview with Fandango:

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This is not the last movie we are going to do with Marvel — [This is not] Spider-Man's last film. We are preparing to make the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel. We are thinking about this as three films, and now we will move on to the next three. This is not the last of our MCU films.

Without a doubt, these are great news for fans. Although at the moment the details of the future of Spider-Man are unknown, Once they are released no way home we will surely have more information about it. We remind you that this tape will premiere on December 15 in Mexico.

On related topics, this would be the duration of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Similarly, here we tell you what is the role of j.j. Jameson on the tape.

Editor's note:

Hopefully this new trilogy can substantially expand this version of Spider-Man. After adventures in space and multi universal, it will be something complicated to see this character as a street hero, but there is still more space.


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