5 things that will need the 'Game Pass' of PlayStation to succeed

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Today, a report arose that PlayStation already had almost your answer to Xbox game pass. Within this report are mentioned some details about it, but at least for now, Sony You have not given official information. Game Pass is one of the most successful services outside, so the alternative of PlayStation should be truly special if you want to have a chance to compete against that of Microsoft. That is why we have armed a list with the five things you need to have this service of PlayStation to succeed.

Very good emulation of classic games

In addition to being a fairly powerful console, the Xbox Series X | S also allows us to enjoy Xbox classic games without any inconvenience, and some even improve them. For its part, the PlayStation 5 only has retraction with PS4 games, so this new Sony service should not only offer us a wide catalog of classic games, but its emulation should also be impeccable in terms of controls, resolution, section Graph and others. After all, we do not want something similar to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

PlayStation STEALING the Xbox Game Pass Idea? BIG change to PS4/PS5!

Accessible prices

Xbox Game Pass is not a service nothing cheap, especially if we compare it with other subscriptions out there, but its price is definitely worth it. This section could be a good area of ​​opportunity for Sony from implementing much more accessible costs, and who knows, even offer some kind of promotion for PlayStation Plus subscribers or even throw a Bundle that includes Plus, PS Now and this Game Alternative Pass for a reduced price. The bad thing is that Sony never considers Latin America for this kind of thing, so we should settle for the prices that would offer territories as the United States.

Inclusion of Third-Party games

Since the generation of PS4, Sony has proven to be the king when it comes to First-Party experiences. The vast majority of games launched by the Slipstream Studios have been worthy new experiences, and Sony should definitely support this for this hypothetical new service. However, we consider that it is also important that you add Third-party games to Him, because although the exclusive ones are one of the strongest points of the Japanese company, it is not that how it comes out a new one every month, so have games third-party In the catalog it would certainly help your Game Pass version remains relevant in calm seasons of releases.

Wide catalog of games

It is useless to launch a service of this style if you do not have games with what to fill it. That is why Sony should offer a broad catalog that encourages users to remain subscribed by a good period of time and not only when there is some important release or something like that. It is more than clear that the Publisher Japan has a lot to be delivered, we only hope that they do not want to get tacked with this. Can you imagine having a lot of games of all Sony consoles available in a single service? It certainly sounds like something promising, especially if everyone has a very good functioning.

Surprise shoots from time to time

Within the report that mentioned you at the beginning of this note, it is said that Sony would not have intentions to launch its First-Party games in this new service during its first day in the market. That is, we would still have to pay full price for them if you want to play them in day. But it would be a good opportunity that, from time to time, surprised us with the arrival of an exclusive one at this service. Maybe heavier things like God of War Ragnarök and Horizon Forbidden West could be out of this idea, but some other smaller ones, such as Sight or Kenya: Bridge of Spirits, would be ideal for this concept.


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