Among US VR announced

The Game Awards are a computer game rewards executed for the initial time on December 5, 2014, at the Axis Movie Theater of Las Vega, and also are the direct successors of the vanished Spike VGA/ VAX awards, which from 2003 to 2013 presented the event With the SPIKE TV channel. In 2013, Spike VGA changed its style to end up being the Spike VAX. The brand-new growth was not well-received by the public, along with the decrease in the top quality of its previous years, LED Spike TV to take out from the growth of these rewards. Geoff Kafka, who was the designer of the Spike VGA/ VGS, organized a brand-new award called The Game Awards, which would certainly be the successor of the previous ones.

These prizes have the support of large market firms, such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Kolyma Productions, INAMI, Microsoft, Nintendo, Superstar, Sony Computer Enjoyment, Valve Firm, Ubisoft and also Warner Brothers. Along with awarding the very best Games of the year In various groups, the gala likewise functions as a method for the presentation of future games and downloadable components. The awarded in the classifications of ideal video games and technical sections are elected by a unique court, composed of various journalistic media, while the prizes to the most preferred gamers and ESPORT teams are voted by the public using online with their web page official

The Game Awards was announced with Among US VR an independent variant of the multiplayer game for Oculus.

Among Us VR - Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021 Among us is a technically very simple, but still very entertaining game. But only in the future we will experience the principle in its best form. Innersole has announced Among US VR for the Game Awards, which were awarded last night. This is not an update for the original, but a completely new game logical, because the VR version is not in 2D, but three-dimensional.

Instead of looking in the spaceship from the top, you are here in the middle. In the ego perspective, you wander through the corridors, fulfills as a normal crew member of your tasks or tries as a scammer who secretly bring the other players to the corner. And are we honest, so Among us is much cooler than in the simple 2D variant, right?

Unfortunately, the trailer does not show much gameplay, he is extremely short with 30 seconds. But he gives us a good idea of ​​how Among US VR will play. Incidentally, Inner sloth does not develop alone, but in collaboration with two studios, who have already gained experience with Virtual Reality: Robot Teddy who worked on Super hot VR, and Shell Games, the creators of the I Expect You to the games and the VR-Rogue-Lite Until You case.

Whether Among US VR will be oculus-exclusive is not known. Likewise, no release date is fixed. In any case, we can hardly expect to suspect our friends in this much more immersive variant of the game — or intentionally accused. Now we just have to hope that you will buy a VR glasses someday.


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