Battlefield 2042: Update 3 today for download

Football PES 2020 (additionally known in Japan as Football Winning Eleven 2020) is a football video game of the Football PES collection created by PES Productions and also modified by INAMI. This brand-new piece is the 19th of the PES collection. The video game is originally released on September 10, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as Microsoft Windows. FC Barcelona Lionel Messi's celebrity striker is back as a ambassador of the game and exists on the coat, his last appearance returns to Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. This new opus brings a change of name for the INAMI series, The denomination 'football' appearing prior to the title of the game.

For Battlefield 2042 today the update 3 is available for download. About the short message service Twitter dice shares a time: The patch goes live at 9 o'clock — on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. A downtime is not required, the servers must therefore not go offline for the update process. As soon as the patch is available, you will receive a message: Starts the download and installation to get back to the battles.

extensive patch notes

The patch notes for Battlefield 2042 update 3 are already available — and are truly extensive. On Twitter, the developers confirm that this is the largest patch for the ego shooter. The Change log lists more than 150 bug fixes and optimizations, which were implemented, among other things, based on the player's feedback since the 12th of November. This means that you can expect a lot of fixes, balancing adjustments and quality-of-life improvements, writing the makers in the patch notes.

Weekly missions

With the update, the developers also carry weekly missions for Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now €54.99 / €53.99). There are three varying missions in each week whose progress can be viewed by the main menu. If you remove a mission, you will receive a player-EP. Champions you all available missions of the week, you sink a unique cosmetic reward, writes DICE.

Innovations at Battlefield Portal

In Battlefield Portal in turn, the developers add new Mode layouts for RUSH on all all-out-warfare cards. In addition, there are also new templates as well as a new custom mode called Vehicle Team Deathwatch. In the Rule Editor, you set the game rules for the new game variant. In addition, the developers share with a new logic option to have been added, which checks the origin of a deadly damage, such as a sniper rifle or a melee attack. This opens up lots of new opportunities. We are already curious which modes you create, adds DICE.

More changes & update

Update 3 also introduces improvements in the Collection screen, for example, to simplify the editing of the loadout. So it should be more apparent, which essays are created or released, for example. Within individual areas of Battlefield 2042, DICE also recorded various improvements to make the experience of interacting with maps of liquid. This includes more than 150 fixes, smaller adjustments and improvements in all maps. These include, for example, fixes for glitches and collision problems.

At the beginning of December, another, smaller patch for Battlefield 2042 will be submitted, which plays additional balancing optimizations and error corrections for Battlefield 2042. The full patch Notes for Update 3 can be found on the EA website under this link.

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