Bioshock 4: It is the location and time according to the last rumors

As the days pass, the filtration son the fourth installment of the acclaimed saga of bios hock appear with much more frequency and veracity, causing the arrival of new official information or even a brand-new trailer goes to the Light soon. It has been Colin Moriarty, one of the most prestigious leakers of today with different confirmations in their history, the one who has talked about where and when the new delivery of the saga will be placed on the market under the name of Isolation and developed by Cloud Chamber and with Ken Levine outside the project.

Well, the Attachment of this new title would be quite far from the original deliveries, as it would be from the bottom of the sea to a fictitious city located in Antarctica under the name of Boreal is. That yes, the time in which this game will be placed will be the same as in previous games: 60 years ; It is speculated that this work occurs at the same time as the events of the first and second installment of Bios hock, where we control Jack under the control of Frank Fontaine and with which we traveled along Rapture to clam revenge against Andrew Ryan, a self-proclaimed Messiah among his men.

Bioshock 4 HUGE NEW Rumors - Setting + 2022 Release Year!

These leaks confirm more and more that there will be new details of delivery directly from the developer, and even a possible trailer at the Game Awards of this year that promises next year's games and beyond to formalize once and for all To the new generation of consoles with exclusive content for Xbox Series X | S or PlayStation 5. Hopefully this new delivery does not disappoint and be a trip to the world open by a futuristic city in search of answers to all our questions And as in previous Bios hock deliveries, such as mental control or travel in time.


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