Gnosia delays its PC edition until the beginning of 2022

The editor PLAY ISM has announced that the version of agnosia for PC is now delayed until early 2022. They have indicated that the development team needs something more time to give you an adjustment Extra »Get causing the same sensation than in the rest of its platforms.

The game developed by PETITE DEPOT TO originally came out for PlayStation Vita in June 2019, an exclusive edition of Japan, until a year later it came out in Nintendo Switch also as the exclusivity of this region. After the launch already in the West for Nintendo's hybrid on March 4, the same publisher announced that it was its title would expand to PC through Steam at some point in this 2021, and since then we have not received news about This release.

Agnosia is a title that my partner Marta Trivia compared with popular games in the village style sleeps or the wolf (in video games, for example, we are closer to Among US) during the last season of the Podcast Reload. In it, we will put on the skin of a character with amnesia that will have to find out who is the member of a spatial crew that is dedicated to killing others of the astronauts during the night, using elements of Visual Novel and RPG.

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Agnosia is now available for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch. The version of PC will come out at the beginning of 2022.


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