Google encountered from the throne

For a long time Google was number one when it came to visitor numbers on websites. Where else should now be found quickly any important and so unimportant information on the internet?

Of course, there are other search engines. Such a reputation and popularity like Google, but they could never reach.

Now the favorite search engine was encountered by her long throne. The Social Media Platform TK TOK has managed to become the world's most popular website in 2021.

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TikTok is the most popular website 2021

TikTok has been on the rise for years and has conquered the social media. It seems that focusing on fast and viral content have paid off.

According to Cloudflare, TikTok recorded a huge increase in its visitor numbers in 2021, after it was in 2020 seven in the websites ranking.

For the first time on February 17, 2021, TikTok was able to occupy the first place, but there was only a day long. After that, TikTok climbed several times in the first place before on 10th August 2021 finally settled there.

On a few occasional days, Google was able to recall top place in October and November. Nevertheless, TikTok was the clear winner in these months. Specifically thanks to users in the US, the platform was Thanksgiving and on Black Friday a hit.

Accordingly, Google lands at the end of the year in second place of worldwide rankings. Followed by Facebook and Microsoft. In the top 10 coming to you: Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp.

The Social Media Giant

TikTok this year not only the most popular website in the world, but also the most visited social media platform. Facebook lands in second place and YouTube in third place.

Instagram and Twitter take the fourth and fifth place, while Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Quora form the lenses.

Source: Cloudflare

TikTok has definitely a successful year behind. What do you think about this social media platform?

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