Is there a hotfix for the kinematics offset Persona 4 Golden?

Persona 4 Golden appeared on Steam, to the surprise of PC players everywhere. Persona 4 Golden is a breathtaking RPG, and see it appear on PC with a good quality port is a welcome surprise. The main problem that people encounter with the game is a certain shift in kinematics and a quite aggressive stutter while kinematics play.

For the moment, there is no official word on a fix for that. Some people have used programs like Nvidia Control Center to define the maximum frequency of the game at 30 FPS, which they think solves problems. Unfortunately, this limits the maximum FPS you will get all over the game at 30 FPS, which is not really something that most PC players want to have to bear. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only thing that will work, and even in this case, it does not seem to work in all cases.

Other potential means to mitigate the problem whose players reported good results include:

Make sure the game is installed on an SSD Run the game in windows without border Make sure your GPU drivers are up-to-date

There are many theories about the problem, some people rejecting the fault on Denude anti-falsification technology supplied with the game, which has a somewhat supported story to have a negative impact on the functioning of the games. Others believe that the problem is a disparity between the resolution of cinematic and the display resolution, and that this is the cause of the problem.

The only silver lining is that the port of Person 4 Golden seems definitely to be a demanding job. Carrier of the Maestro Peter Durante Thomas, who made Bomb Dark on PC for all, was quite impressed by the work done on his port analysis for IGN. The game supports both arbitrary resolutions and image frequencies, which strongly indicates that everything that happens with cinematic for some people is a bug or error, rather than a lazy port.


As such, we hope to see a fix that will solve the problem, but unfortunately it is not guaranteed.


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