New grenade in Cod Vanguard is completely op, makes maps a hellish flame sea

With Season 1 of Call of Duty: Vanguard came some new content in the game. This includes you the new fire grenade. Thanks to this new primary equipment, the maps quickly look like a famous meme. Players say: That's not alright.

Since December 8, 2021, the Season 1 runs from Cod Vanguard. With the Season also some new content, such as new perks and maps come. Also, 5 weapons came new.

The fire grenade is another new toy, which is available to players by COD Vanguard with Season 1. It has turned out very quickly, which is why she was seen early as OP. In addition, this primary equipment is next to the Hermit Grenade and the Molotov Cocktail the even third fire grenade in the game. This is the community just too much — especially because the fire grenade makes the game on some maps almost unplayable.

Unlock new fire grenade — that's how it works

The fire grenades are currently freeing the Battle Pass of Season 1. As with all other weapons, you do not even buy the Season 1 Battle Pass: The fire grenade is a free part of the Battle Pass. You just have enough levels to unlock the grenade.

In Call of Duty: War zone, however, this grenade is not available. In popular Battle Royale you can continue to rely on the Loadout options from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).

Call of Duty WARZONE PACIFIC GAMEPLAY - NEW Caldera Map! Brand greats combines strengths of smoke grenade and termite

What makes this grenade so strong? Also, if you can collect good kills: The fire grenade is not one of the deadliest grenades in the game. However, it is very good at destroying the play flow of the opponents: it covers the view and slows or prevents aggressive upcoming opponents. Thus, the fire grenade works like an effective mixture of a smoke grenade and the termite.

This lacks a real counter to the grenade: COD Vanguard has no trophy system, which could ward off these grenades. Thus, you can easily and without real resistance these annoying grenades spam.

Especially the little maps like shipment or the house are so fast to a hellish flame sea. It is almost impossible to recognize anything except smoke and fire. This video on Reddit shows this opaque chaos very good:

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What's in the video? How the video shows is almost nothing to recognize thanks to fire grenade spam. Spraying sparks, poor fog and blazing fire make a clear view of the action almost continuously impossible. In addition, clear bucklers and performance breakages can be seen.

As the official in-game description says: The fire grenade wraps an area in white fog and burns all those approaching. In COD fans, not only does this description arouse reminders of the white phosphor, the annoying kill streak in Modern Warfare (via Reddit). This grenade is a small version of it, which refreshes each other with each redrawn. With certain perks and field equipment you can even use several of these grenades per life.

New best grenade makes the game for fans almost unplayable

The fire grenade is a problem in the popular playlist shifts 24/7. Here you only play the smallest maps in the game, which are also tackled into a barely comprehensible chaos in front of the fire grenade. But even on larger maps, the grenade is a problem. Especially in game modes such as hard point or domination, the fire grenade makes both conquering and defending points much easier. If you take a smoke grenade in the Loadout, a lot of view is hidden.

How do the fans react? The fans are little done by the fire grenade. On Reddit there are many ironic comparisons with the this is fine meme in which a dog in a flaring house drinks a coffee comfortably (via The dog does not recognize the serious problems on its current situations — as little as the developers of COD Vanguard, the fans imply. Otherwise, the reactions are almost consistently negative.

Ian-Campbell wonders: Why is that in the game? (via Reddit) Kickball says: My PS4 will not survive [all these effects] (via Reddit) Hound368 finds: The developers have no sense for the game. What did they think about this new grenade? (via Reddit) OrganizationWinter53 says, The video worries me, and it ensures that I never want to play the game again. (via Reddit)

Precisely because without a trophy system, a real countergranates for the fire grenade is missing, the fans only have 2 solutions for the current fire hell: does not play the popular little maps anymore, or complete the playing of cod vanguard complete.

Even if there is no official response from the Sledgehammer Games: Rather, hell freezes as that the developers are completely thoroughly watching.

What do you say about the new grenade? Do you like to use? Or can you find, she ruins the game? Has she still not noticed you negatively? Let's know us in the comments.

With all the fire you can quickly forget that it takes on the Christmas days. In Call of Duty Vanguard and War zone, there is soon a suitable wintry event:

In the Christmas Event of Cod War zone & Vanguard goes a NPC on camper hunting — all the info


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