Not only a man or a woman. There will be an additional sex in World of Warcraft?!

The following information has not been confirmed, so for now, treat them with a reserve.

The point is what attorneys wow deities on the test Patch 9.2 server. Well, in the Barber tab (hairdresser — where we can change the appearance and gender of our characters) two additional options have appeared, two additional sexual identifications.

In addition to a man and women, we also see the possibility of choosing None (no gender) and Both (both sexes).

In this way, players will be able to specify themselves as non-economic people, e.g. Bigender — can identify with both binary gins or agenda — identifies themselves as devoid of or without a generic identity.

Interestingly, change — if it is true — maybe not only appear appearance (a woman with a beard?!), But also pronouns, the way that NPCs will turn to our character in the future. Instead of her or His we will hear some sexual word neutral.

Hypersexual Women Studied & The Result Is Wow

Taking into account the last scandals in Blizzard, which concerned, among others, discrimination and what the company was later (censured the game, removing some uncomfortable elements, etc.), all these leaks seem even more likely.

Will wow daties games look like in the future, created by Western corporations? Take an example of New World, who in the form of the form does not have a rigid guy and a woman.


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