Premier League: Ex-Captain John Terry returns as a functionary to Chelsea

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John Terry returns to Chelsea with coaching consultancy role at club's academy

The former captain John Terry returns as a functional to his ex-club FC Chelsea. The 41-year-old will advise the academy coaches of the six-time English football master from the coming year. Terry won 17 titles with the Champions League winner during his active career, which is trained by the German Team Manager Thomas Tuchel. Terry had finished his career at the blues in 2018. Thereafter, the former fender of the English national team until July as an assistant coach at the Premier League Club Aston Villa under contract. Articles and videos about the topic Arsenal: Team manager Art eta tested positively English Cup Competitions and Championship Live on DAZN. Register now! I am pleased that I come home, said the former defense chief, I will not only hold the coach's meetings, but also involved in the care of our academic players.


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