Pubg is going to play free

During The Game Awards, Grafton, Inc. revealed that the battle of Player unknown is going to play free. Over the years, PUBG has gained many passionate followers, but the movement could convince many more players to join the game as a direct result. This change will apply to all versions of PUBG, in force as of January 12. The editor will also offer a Battlegrounds Plus account update. To update, players will be charged a single rate of $12.99 and will receive the following:

Bonus 1,300 g-coin

Survival Masters XP + 100% increase Race: Medal tab Classified mode Custom match functionality Elements of the game, including the Captain's Camo set, which includes cap, camouflage mask and camouflage gloves.

Those who already bought the game will be happy to know that all existing players will receive the commemorative package of PUBG. This includes Battlegrounds Plus, as well as the Battle-scarred Costume Designs, Shackle and Legacy Bread Stems and the Battle-scarred Legacy identification plate. The movement is similar to what we have seen in the editors when other games took the jump to F2P, including -lick. In a press release, the Executive Director of Grafton, Inc., Ch Kim, spoke about the change.

«Like PUBG: battlefields was a pioneer in the genus Battle Royale and has become a game IP with world influence, this is the perfect time to make the transition to F2P and welcome new players to the game, he said Kim. » The game has grown substantially since we take it to Early Access almost five years ago, and we believe it offers one of the best values ​​in games. Whether the eight unique maps of the game, the functions constantly updated or the activations of partners in the game, the transition to F2P is the next step on our trip to expand the scope of the IP of PUBG through content that will enchant as much to New players like veterans.

PUBG: Battlegrounds goes FREE TO PLAY It is not difficult to imagine how the change to the F2P model could help the game compete better with real battle games such as Call of Duty: War Zone. At a minimum, this could provide players an incentive to finally give PUBG an attempt! For now, we will only have to see how things are developed next month.

What are your thoughts about PUBG, change to F2P? Are you happy with the plans for existing players? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!


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