Pubg Battlegrounds Demand to Free Fire, Apple and Google: They accuse of plagiarism at Battle Royale of Garena

This is not the first time that PUBG developers: Battlegrounds are put in the hands of justice . We all remember the judicial battle lived between the Grafton and the then a young and successful Fortnite, who stayed in the sight of the study during a long contest. On this occasion, the company has seen the view at Free Fire and the recent Free Fire Max, the successful Battle Royale for Arena mobile.

Grafton points to concrete and general elements in his allegation of plagiarism As reported by The Verge, Grafton has sued Gran era, responsible for Free Fire and Free Fire Max, for widely copy numerous Battlegrounds aspects , both individually and general. Kraft indicates elements such as the opening of play from the air, the combination and selection of weapons, armor and unique objects, as well as locations, general choice of colors, materials and textures.

They have also loaded against YouTube for housing this content Grafton would have requested Gran era on December 21 that immediately stopped the commercialization of Free Fire and Free Fire Max, receiving a negative from Arena. This demand has also arrived at Apple and Google , asking them to leave them about Distribute the game in their applications, adding a request for that YouTube delete the videos of the game that include elements that infringe Changeless Battlegrounds and the material of the Biubiubiu film.

PUBG Recently, the hackers they created and distributed systems to cheat at Pub Mobile, lost the case against Tencent Games and Grafton Inc, being forced to pay 10 million dollars. Meanwhile, the version for iOS and Android of the popular Battle Royale remained as the most cost-effective game of the platform above Genshin Impact.


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