You can soon experience the Notre Lady brand in VR from the view of the fire department

The Paris Cathedral Notre-Dame was partly the victim of the flames in April 2019: A fire raged in the landmark of the city and France, whereupon many people have donated. Among other things, Ubisoft: The publisher contributed 500,000 euros, but also helped with the help of digital models. In cooperation with the filmmakers behind Notre-Dame on Fire, a similar VR game should now appear, which makes the catastrophe experienced from the perspective of the fire department.

Note Lady: Game to the movie makes fire brigade work in VR

That's why it's time: Some time ago, the Notre Dame Cathedral burned in Paris and now not only a movie should appear, but also a video game. However, no conventional title for PC, smartphones or consoles, but a virtual reality experience. The exciting idea behind it: We experience the fire from the perspective of the fire department in use.

VR-Escape Game: Ubisoft has announced that a kind of exit Game is planned in VR together with PATH. The Virtual Reality game belongs to the movie Notre Dame on Fire and is well oriented roughly at its action. How exactly this expires is not yet fixed, but we already have some coarse corner data (via: variety):

  • Time of only about an hour
  • is played from the point of view of the fire department during the Notre Dame Brand.
  • Escape Game : We have to solve puzzles and cooperate with our team members.
  • Relics : The plan was to fight through the cathedral and collect relics while we fight against the flames to save Notre Dame.
  • Release : Both the movie and the game of the same name are to be released in March 2022.

Incidentally, the Teaser sees the movie :

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Ubisoft has helped with the time of the fire to help Notre-Dame again. Among other things, Assassin's Creed Unity was a short time for free, in which the famous cathedral can also be seen.

In addition, the publisher from France donated money so that the cathedral can be rebuilt. In addition, the digital replicas also helped:

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More on this:

Notre Dame is rebuilt with the help of AC: Unity

Sexism problems with Ubisoft: Since July 2020, a toxic corporate culture has been accused of the French developer and publisher. Underneath far-reaching sexism problems, women's kneading and discrimination, which should be deeply anchored in the company. While Ubisoft has already been consequences, for example, employees of the management level were exchanged and to the allegations openly commented on, in-house, these measures are felt by many employees but not sufficient.


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