Free Fire: Retriers North is the new semiprofessional proposal of LVP

Free Fire has a competitive presence in Latin America, presuming from its regional league with passes to the World Series. In an effort to continue promoting its development, league of professional video game (MediaPro Group) proposed North Tigo retrators. We talked about a semiprofessional circuit with $ 20,000 USD in prizes and three places to the promotion series of the Free Fire League Latin America . And it is that unlike some ESPORTS, the Royal Battle of Garena still does not apply the franchise system.

This new semiprofessional circuit has the presence of renowned equipment in the region. For example, estrique esports e infinity will compete next to The Kings , Naguara and even All Knights . Although they are names known to League of Legends, they began to expand to other electronic sports like Free Fire. About Infinity, it has a starting squad in the Latin American League, staying at the top 4 of the current season.

The list of Equipment for Retriers Norte 2022 is as follows:

  • All Knights.
  • Stral ESPORTS.
  • Heretics
  • Infinity
  • Janus Esports
  • Lotus Gaming.
  • Naguarous.
  • Skull Cracker Team
  • Team CruelTy.

April Elite Pass Free Fire 2022 || 2022 April Elite Pass Free Fire * The Kings * USA ESPORTS.

Similar to other FREE Fire competitions, It is nine competitive days of six games each . The participants will seek to accumulate enough points, but the system will be innovative. What I do will continue taking into account the positions in the accumulated items and murders.

Now, about the distribution of prizes: The Top 6 will receive a percentage of $ 20,000 USD , but only the Top 3 will enter the league promotion. It should be mentioned that the existence of northern challengers will not affect national tournaments. They will keep the quados per country and now they will offer access to the new circuit. The goal is still ascending to the Free Fire League Latin America Closing 2022.

North Retriers will start on February 24-point at 6:30 p.m. MX / 19:30 CO / 21:30 AR / CL / 01:30 EN from the LVP LAN channel.


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