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Frederick Esfrost, Novobine-Pyromanta, is the first opportunity that Triangle Strategy will give you to attack using the magic of fire. Her ability to attack several opponents is simultaneously vital at the beginning of the game, but its characteristics, including attack, protection and speed, relatively low. It will be a useful asset for your team attacking from afar.

Strategy Frederiki Esphros

Triangle Strategy Part 1 Chapter 1 Serenoa Meets Frederica Gameplay Walkthrough

Frederick's ability by default, Fire blessing , gives her natural resistance to the magic of fire, but weakness to ice - so be careful with her in the third chapter, when Magi Chisant will use ice magic to defeat you. Another Frederick's ability by default, Burn will be most useful when aiming to points between enemy units to cause damage to several opponents in a limited range.

The disadvantage of Scorch is its cost in two TP (turn points). If you have little TP, you can add its physical attack, foliate fire, to the efforts of the melee. When Frederick reaches the seventh level and finds out flaming chains , it gets significant strength. This ability also costs two TP, but causes three times more damage than scorch. Weight ignition Earth _a Also. Abbreviations of the motion of affected enemies per cell per three strokes.

At the level of 15 Frederica finds out pillars of fire . This powerful ability causes damage to opponents in five cells, igniting the Earth. Take advantage of numerous cases when characters are built into line or grouped together to perform subsequent attacks. However, the freerick speed indicator is low, and enemy units can move, so give it a accessory to improve its speed . In addition, do not miss the opportunity to use the weakness of enemies to fire and pay attention to those who resist him.

Improvement class and improvement

Frederic Class Esphros default: Pyromert But it can be enhanced to fire caster with one courage at the tenth level. At level 20, it can be raised to Master of Fire with a courage with a courage. And with sufficient fiber and coins for the camp forge, you can increase the rank of Frederick weapons along with any of your chosen characteristics.

You may find that the increase for Frederick is not as important as for other units, depending on your style of the game, but this unit can survive in the most fierce hand-to-hand fight, continuing to get trophies. Even if you use it for Farm items or money Keep near Frederick Esfrost, if you want the team to have a stunning power of the fire lord.

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