Pokémon Go: Community Day in March 2022 with double sandan

  1. 1Sand and snow - Step 1/4

It is again community-day time in Pokémon Go: The developers at Niantic have officially announced the event for March 2022, After the date itself was already known , and represents the soil Pokémon Sandan in the focus this time - and in duplicate. Because we are in the Alola season, there is not only Sandan, but also Alola-Sandan! Of course, there is again the usual content such as a (paid) special research as well as various encounters with Sandan and a special community box. We summarize what to expect.

Pokémon Go: Community Day in March 2022 with Sandan

The Communty Day in March with Sandan offers the following features:

  • The Community Day in March 2022 with Sandan takes place on Sunday, March 13, 2022 from 11am to 5pm of German time.
  • Sandan and Alola-Sandan appear more frequently in the wilderness and are both fishing as a Shiny version.
  • Sandamer learns the exclusive loading attack during the event and until 19 o'clock on the event day.
  • Alola-Sandamer learns the exclusive instant attack darkcast during events and until 19 o'clock on the event day.
  • For 0.99 euros you can buy the ticket for special research at the community day "sand and snow".
  • During the event, eggs hatch four times as fast as normal. In addition, lock modules and smoke hold on for three hours.
  • You can buy a community day box with 50 hyperballs, three superbut machines, five lucky designs and top-loading TM during events in the shop for 1,280 poké coins.
  • There is a free box with 30 hyperballs in the shop during the event.
  • You will receive special event stickers when you turn pokéstops during events or opens gifts.

Details on the special research of the Community Days with Sandan is currently not available. But we will inform you about the individual steps and rewards of research as soon as we know the details.

Below, however, we have already put on a guide to steps and rewards for special research "sand and snow" because it is to be assumed that it will not change much. Of course, we adapt the guide for you when the community day takes place in March 2022.

Sand and snow - Step 1/4

  • Use 10 POWER-UPS at Pokémon - Reward: 15 x Poké Balls
  • Start 15 Sandan - Reward: Encounter with Sandan
  • Land 5 good litters - Reward: 20 Sandan sweets

Reward for completion of step 1: 2,000 star dust, 1 x lucky egg, encounter with sandan

Sand and snow - Step 2/4


  • Start 15 Sandan - Reward: 30 Sandan sweets
  • Send 10 Pokémon - Reward: Encounter with Sandamer
  • Develop 3 Sandan - Reward: 10 x Sananabeer

Reward for completion of step 2: 1,500 experience points, 1 x smoke, encounter with sandan

Sand and snow - Step 3/4

  • Land three great curveball litters - Reward: 50 Sandan sweets
  • Develop a sandan - Reward: 1 x starch
  • Send 10 Pokémon - Reward: 15 x Superball

Reward for completion of step 3: 2,500 Experience points, 1 x Rocket Radar, 15 x Hyperball

Sand and snow - Step 4/4

  • Automatically done - Reward: 2 x Silver Sananabeer
  • Automatically done - Reward: Encounter with Sandan
  • Automatically done - Reward: 3,500 Experience points

Reward for completion of step 4: 3,000 star dust, 2 x special bonbon, encounter with sandamer We wish you a lot of fun with the Pokémon Go Community Day in March 2022.

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