Before match against BVB: Nagelsmann has trouble with the fire department

Immediately before the possibly championship, FC Bayern Munich against the BVB, FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann has position based on the criticism of the Bavarian State Fire Brigade Association at him and his comments made during the week.

"Why should I discredit the fire department? I went to the comparison in the voluntariness. Of course, in the volunteer fire department, it is also clear. I am the last who would discredit a volunteer or fire department and am surprised that People think that I could have meant that. I am grateful that the very many volunteer firefighters make this job, "said Nagelsmann at SKY.

Previously, the chairman of the State Fire Brigade Association of Bavaria, Johann Eitzenberger, Nagelsmann's statements of Bayern Trainer Julian Nagelsmann had criticized at the press conference before the Game against the BVB to the motivational situation of his team.

"We are upset about the utterance because they discredited the commitment to our savior," said Reichberger the bild. "We like to invite Mr Nagelsmann to look at a guard of the volunteer fire department in Bavaria to clear up possible misunderstanding."

At the press conference before the game against Borussia Dortmund Nagelsmann had been asked if the players would sit back in case of premature title win. "That's our profession. We are not volunteering. We can not decide. We have a Bock! We are not at the volunteer fire department South Giesing, but at FC Bayern Munich. And there's there in it Every game tries to deliver a decent performance, "Nagelsmann replied.

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At Weitzenberger, the words did not get well. "In Bavaria, 320,000 voluntary firefighters make 24 hours a day with an hourly wage of 0.00 euros their deployment service. They have every 2.5 minutes a mission" _, _ he said.

Even the ex-president of the German Fire Brigade Hartmut Ziebs has responded to the Nagelsmann statement.

Julian Nagelsmann's Bayern Munich Tactics Explained | Bayern Munich 2021/22 Tactical Analysis | "In contrast to highly paid football professionals, the firefighters have only one chance to save human lives. There is no second leg for us. The more than a million volunteer firefighters in Germany deliver a maximum performance daily," Zieb's counterparts Picture.

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"Therefore, Mr. Nagelsmann should reconsider whether he can make his players better motivate his players with the spirit of volunteer firefighters. His statement, FC Bayern is not the volunteer fire department of South Giesing, disqualified the professional football. First, say, then talk," Riet Zieb's the Bayern trainer still.


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