What is included in For Honor: Marching Fire Edition?

For Honor is a dynamic game in the action genre, which combines cruelty and the ultramodern multipolic gameplay.

The Ubisoft game with a complex, but incredibly useful combat system is considered one of the most memorable events of 2017. marching fire edition and how is it compared to the standard version of the launch?

What is the difference between For Honor: Standard Edition and Marching Fire Edition?

Unlike the starting version, published in 2017, the Marching Fire Edition has a number of additional privileges, mainly the expansion of the Marching Fire itself.

For Honor Marching Fire Review

for Honor: Marching Fire

  • For honor (basic game)
  • For Honor: Addition of Marching Fire
  • New hero - Jiang Jun
  • New hero - Tiandi
  • New hero - Shaolin
  • New Hero - Nuxia
  • New PVE-mode-Arkada

For Honor: Marching Fire Edition is part of the Ubisoft Connect application for PC. You can also play through the Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate.

What is honor?

For Honor - a single -user action designed and published by Ubisoft. In the game, the players manage the hero of one of the five fractions: knights, vikings, samurai, Wu Lin and a stranger. However, unlike games with frontal battles, for Honor focuses on a duel one on one, each of which has complex combat mechanics.

To find out more about the materials of For Honor, be sure to read the section “How to play every class of factions of the FOR Honor samurai” right here, in the guidelines for the game for professionals.


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