Ex-BVB finance Reinier prior to the next modification

During his two-year loan at Borussia Dortmund, Reinier was seldom able to suggest his qualities. After returning from BVB, his normal association Real Madrid currently evidently intends to provide the Brazilian once more.

The Brazilian junior worldwide changed from Flamengo to the royal for 30 million euros. The ruling Spanish champion granted the child to Dortmund after only half a year.

Reinier's papa verified the conjecture to the Portuguese paper Record. My boy is thrilled. If a club with a dimension of Benfica desires you, it is impossible not to be satisfied concerning it, stated Mauro Brasilia.

As the Spanish Marca reports, the 20-year-old is regarding to move to the top of the Portuguese Benfica. The variable offending player is to be obtained to the club from Lisbon, a purchase alternative is not under discussion.

Formerly, a number of newspapers from Portugal had reported concerning a possible commitment of the genuine skill at Benfica.

Reinier at BVB mainly only joker


According to Uol EBenficae, Reinier can have collected play practice at Flamengo Rio de Janeiro. His previous employer tried a momentary return of the lost kid, it stated.

There he never truly got beyond the function of the fellow runner. In the last 2 periods, Reinier played 27 Bundesliga games, however in 25 he just originated from the financial institution. The lower line was that there was only one goal for the intended top talent.

Reinier's papa verified the supposition to the Portuguese paper Record. If a club with a dimension of Benfica desires you, it is difficult not to be delighted concerning it, said Mauro Brasilia.

In the last two seasons, Reinier played 27 Bundesliga games, but in 25 he only came from the bank.

At Real, nevertheless, one evidently thinks in the right foot as well as wishes that Reinier call his potential at the next borrowing station.

Nevertheless, Reinier stayed at BVB over the whole funding period, although, according to media records, he would certainly have had the possibility to finish the intermezzo prematurely. In winter months, for instance, a transfer to his home country had ruptured.


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