How to unlock Buffoon in Roblox Hours

In order to unlock Bufffoon, the secret host of Robloox Hours, which imitates the forces of the enemy Astral Hermit, you must launch and win in the secret meta-game. Improving with Cold Treasure allows you to easily unlock Buffoon Host.

How to get buffoon at Roblox Hours

We found that the easiest way to get buffoon is to unlock receiving master and zero pace . Play combat rounds first for the invader, and then for the prophet. After you completed the game with these two hosts, you should have both Artisan and Zero.

How to get to mini-head


When you have both a craftsman and Zero, play until your improvement points are maximum. If you have a Hands of Time gaming pass, you can equip the TurboChaRge modifier to speed up this part. When you gain the maximum number of improvement points, the only accessible update will be for something called Cold Treasure. This will be the only update available in all three slots.

Select the Cold Treasure update and open the menu. Set the screen trembling by 1000%, return for a second to the game screen, and then go to the main menu.

Once on the main menu, wait from five to 10 seconds before you go out and join the entire server again.

When you join the server again, go to the piano, but do not press the playback button. Sit at the piano for about 15 seconds. This will cause the appearance of fog on the screen. As soon as the fog thickens, it's time to play a mini head.


Do not press the playback button. Instead, move away from the piano and leave the room. You will meet a blue track that lights up when you go and lead you to a pink block. Stand on the pink block, then turn around and go through the fog to the left side of the building.

There will be a column on the building, which will light up with a pink color as soon as you touch it. This column works like a branch, so use it to climb the roof around the building. Give as much as possible to the walls so as not to fall, and follow the way.

Follow the pink track back to the roof. This will ultimately lead you to a duck that is injecting when you step on it, and gives you an achievement a fool is you .

Now you have unlocked Buffoon. Return to the main menu and enjoy the game in the watch as a newly unlocked host.

To learn more about Roblox, read all the codes of the user mini-game Roblox (June 2022).


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