Trial version distribution at Steam of the paranormal omnibus SCP: Secret File Steam. The story of a detention violation that occurred at an old hydroelectric power plant

On June 13, Chinese Indie Game Studio Gamezoo Studio has launched a trial version of SCP: SCP: Secret Files on Steam. The trial version includes about 40 minutes of game play. It also supports Japanese subtitles.

SCP: Secret File is a game that experiences various mysterious phenomena as a researcher in the SCP Foundation. The stage of this work is a world where goods and mysteries that cause paranormal phenomena are real. The SCP Foundation is an organization that has maintained such unusual phenomena and existence, accommodating, and protecting, maintaining human well-being. Karl, the main character of this work, is a new researcher in the SCP Foundation. One day, Karl was working on the SCP Foundation's secret profile. However, while reading the profile, an abnormal situation occurred. The awareness of the world is distorted and is mentally affected. In this work, stories that are covered in various SCPs (abnormal existence, and its detention protocol) are developed.

The trial version distributed this time depicts the torn of a certain object, that is, a detention violation, from the viewpoint of the SCP Foundation Agent Bella. The trial version is the SITE-74 Pony Station, a detention facility that uses an old hydropower plant. Site-74 has been accommodating relatively safe anomaly, which is classified as an object class SAFE for many years. However, Site-74 has recently inherited the accommodation of SCP-701, which is designated as a highly dangerous EUCLID class. While conducting experiments related to SCP-701, I could not contact from outside. That is, Site-74 may have caused a detention violation related to SCP-701. Bella invades Site-74 to collect black boxes. Bella and the player explore the dark and quiet SITE-74 and witness the truth of the experiment.

As far as the description of the Steam store page is seen, this work depicts a story about SCP in various styles, focusing on the first-person perspective. Just as the style of SCP itself is diverse, this work has a wide range of tastes, such as a warm and bright fairy tale and a story that falls into a strange dot picture world. The story about SITE-74 and SCP-701, which are drawn in the trial version, is one of the stories contained in this work. In the trial version, there is a scene where a mysterious enemy is chased, but basically it goes through Site-74 while exploring and solving a little mystery. In Site-74, there is also a mysterious phenomenon that is not directly related to SCP-701, and the story and world view of the SCP Foundation are depicted as a game. There is also a statement on the store page that it is based on a walking simulator, and it seems that experience and story-and-story experience is more likely to be awaited than actions and puzzles.


The work is developing this work in Beijing, China, Gamezoo Studio. According to the explanation during the game, there are six members of the studio. It is composed of members with various backgrounds, such as animation/education/movie/mobile game industry, and is working to convey the story in an innovative way. The SCP Foundation, which is the basis of this work, is a fictitious organization and worldview that has been created and published on the Internet using a common setting. On the SCP Foundation website, there are many objects and stories (Tales) created by the community members in a report format. The SCP-701, which appears in the trial version, is one of the creative creatures.

SCP: Secret File will be distributed to PC (Steam) in 2022. The trial version is being distributed on the Steam store page.


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