FIFA 23 crossplay has bothered fans

In the past days new information from FIFA 23 has begun to emerge, the latest installment of Electronic Arts in its sports division that will carry the name of the Soccer Soccer Association. Just in the newest advance it was announced that there will be crossplay for several game modes, leaving aside the Club Pro of United States , thus causing great anger.

This mode allows users to create a virtual player to play with their friends, thus having a way to participate with up to 22 more users for fans. However, EA Sports decided to remove it due to the complexity involved in programming, while they do not want to do it with a lower quality than what is expected.

Given this, the community VFL has decided to demonstrate on social networks, with the initiative to save this video game option. Communicating directly with the team responsible for the project on Twitter.

Estimated @aeasportsfifa-We as a community demand answers.

They saw #fixproclubs when the friendlies broke and reacted. Now is the time to be aggressive again on social networks. They will notice us.



For now Electronic Arts has not responded to the fans' message, which seems to persist until the game is released in the following months. This is something similar to what happened with Red Dead Online , since users demonstrated against Rockstar Games to save the video game from extinction, something to which the creators ignored.

Remember that FIFA 23 will reach PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC on September 30. **


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