How to get artifacts from dragon bone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Dragon bone artifacts are the highest rank material, first presented in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. To find this item, you need time, but do not worry-this is how to get artifacts from the dragon bone in MHR Sunbreak.

Где найти артефакты из драконьей кости в Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

You can find artifacts from the dragon bone in jungle but only on Master Rang the level of complexity. Therefore, do not look for it in a low or high rank; You just spend your time. To collect these items, start the expeditionary tour and select a jungle card.

You can check six places for artifacts from the dragon bone on this map, four places at the upper level and two at the lower level. To obtain more information, look at the map below with the location of artifacts from the dragon bone.

The best route for pharma artifacts made of dragon bone in Mhr Sunbreak

In order to effectively process artifacts from dragon bone, first go to the lower level, passing through zone 5. From there go north and collect objects from the breasts of bones in zone 7 and zone 8. After that, go straight up and to the upper level. From there go east of the 3 zone, take the item and go south. After you collect two more, go to zone 8 for the latter. After that, you can complete the quest and enter again, if necessary.

Для чего используются артефакты из драконьей кости в MHR Sunbreak?

Artifacts from dragon bones are used for forging armor. You will need only one piece of dragon bone for each part of the armor, but this is only one part of the recipe for armor. For example, if you want to create a stribanias patch strip, you will also need Hermitaur HardClaw, which you will receive by defeating the Daimyo Hermitaur monster.

artifact from the dragon bone uses

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