[Picture diary of Terukazu Yoshida] Fire Emblem Musou Fukayukitsuki can enjoy the supreme play of sticking together considering the coupling.

Spin-off works with IF stories often have interesting developments, such as fighting with a character who was hostile in the main story, or surviving a companion who was supposed to die. Besides, you can see the aspects of the characters that you couldn't see in the main story.

Above all, I think it's interesting to see the world of IF that arises from the feeling of regret that if I chose B instead of A at that time....

In reality, I can't see the world of IF... I mean, I haven't made such a serious choice in my life that I regret... **

This time, Koei Tecmo Games presents software for Nintendo Switch Fire Emblem Musou Fukayukitsuki . This work is a tactical action that combines the elements of Musou where you can enjoy exhilarating action and Fire Emblem where you can enjoy high strategy and interaction with characters. Based on the simulation RPG Fire Emblem Fuka Yuzuki (hereinafter Fuka Yuzuki) released in 2019, a completely different IF story is spun.

What kind of activity will the characters of Fuka Yuzuki show in the world of IF... And I have confirmed whether Rafael-kun, who is my recommendation, can favor this time as well!

The main character is not a teacher... but a student at the military academy! **

The main character of Fuka Yuzuki became a teacher at the officer's school and deepened the bond while guiding his fellow students, but the main character of this work becomes a student and engages with friends in the same position.

I decided to name the main character Uncle Yoshida... By the way, did I use a similar name for Fuka Yuzuki?

In this work, the main character of Fuka Yuzuki appears as an enemy feared as a mercenary with the nickname Gray Devil.

Apparently, the save data of Fuka Yuzuki was read in advance, and the name of the gray devil was set to the name of Keiwa. …… But you can change your name and gender as you like.

Is it Gray Devil Teruwa? That's right, If you set it to Gray Devil † Teruwa †... No, it got worse. **

There are two basic actions, a weak attack and a strong attack. A combo is derived from these combinations.

There are Musou Mystery that can be activated when the Musou Gauge is accumulated, and combat maneuvers and magic that use the durability of the weapon. Durability in this work is like so-called MP, so even if you use tactics, the weapon will not break.

If you proceed while defeating the enemies at the base or fort, commands such as escorting the target person and defending the area will be issued.

If you ignore the command, the game may be over, so you have to be careful (experience story)

Then, Teruwa, the gray devil who is the main character of Fuka Yuzuki, appeared!

Strictly speaking, it's Teruwa in the world who didn't become a teacher at the military academy. **

The encounter between Uncle Yoshida and Teruwa is so delicate... After all, the name is important! **

After that, the Gray Devil will stand in front of Uncle Yoshida many times.

Then, I met the students of the military academy, and Uncle Yoshida also belonged to the military academy as a student.

She must first make a class choice. There are three classes, Black Eagle, Blue Lion, and Kinka, and the characters and stories that can be operated as friends differ depending on the selected class.

I chose the Kinka class.

There is only one different student in Kinka, while all the classes have beautiful men and women. It's... Rafael-kun, a muscular macho gluttonous character **.

He basically talks about mess and muscles, but he has a kind-hearted friendship personality. I loved him so much that he was enthusiastic about raising him in Fuka Yuzuki.

It's been a reunion with Rafael since I played Fuka Yuzuki three years ago. I'll give you a lot of favor in this work too!

Get ready at the outpost before the battle! **

This work is divided into three parts, army, advancement, and battle.

The armament part can move freely in the outpost, purchase weapons and tools, train, and interact with students.

By upgrading the equipment in the outpost, it will be possible to change classes to senior positions and hire knights.

But there are quite a lot of necessary materials.

Actually, I had a lot of materials and money because I had been working on a trial version with a hand-over element before playing this work.

However, the amount I got from the trial version was gone soon...

Rafael-kun, who is the first to change classes, apart from the main character. I'm supporting you so please do your best!

Once the armament is over, the next part is the march.

In the march part, you can select the next stage to capture. Select an icon like a chess piece to move to the battle part.

You can get items by selecting the icon of a private house or fortress.

In the battle part, first select who will participate in the battle and decide where to place it on the map. It is also important to determine the placement of the enemy, as swords are strong against axes for different types of troops.

However, in front of Raphael, who has been trained, the compatibility of the soldiers is trivial. Now, the beginning of Rafael Musou! **

Of course, Rafael-kun is the MVP of this battle! Trained muscles will not betray.

Battle results are ranked according to the clear time and the number of defeats, and if you get the S rank, you will get a special reward. I'll use all the weapons and items I got for Rafael!

Gal game? Otome game? Date when the support level goes up! ?? **

In this work, there is a support value that indicates the strength of the bond with friends. You can increase the value by giving an appropriate response in conversation, giving a gift, or appointing an adjutant and acting together in the battle part to the target character.

When the support value rises to a certain level, the support level rises and a conversation event occurs.

Even with the combination of These two people... there seems to be no common topic, do you really get along? , if you raise the support level to the maximum, it will be drawn that the bond will deepen properly, so see I feel relaxed.

Rafael is a bit harsh for Lorenz. This is also a light word from good friendship.

As the story progresses to a certain extent, you will be able to go on a long-distance ride alone with your friends. In addition to answering the other person's story appropriately, you can also ask questions here. This is a date event...

Then, why don't you ask me what you think of me? **

This is already a maiden game! (Enchanted)

Raphael, who has grown too much, is unrivaled on the battlefield ……

In the battle part, the operating character can be switched freely. Since I was mainly operating Rafael-kun instead of the main character, Uncle Yoshida, I had reached a level more than double that of other friends.

In addition, all the items that raise the status were used by Rafael, so he has grown up to be a monster.

In addition, since he was taking various friends as an adjutant in the battle part, the level of support with his friends is also maximal.

By the way, if you bring an adjutant, the Musou mystery will change to a cooperation mystery and you will be given more damage.

The one I often appointed as an adjutant was Konstanze. She is a high-flying and typical lady character, but under certain conditions she changes to a very negative personality. Including such duality, I like it very much.

And when you release the mystery of Musou, you'll make a shrimp warp pose!

When appointing an adjutant, I chose it by considering the compatibility (coupling) with Rafael. All things are Rafael First, Rafael-kun's priority. **

By the way, some enemies become friends when they persuade them. Konstanze also brought in her companion.

Some of the enemies who become friends belong to the same school. I wanted to bring in as many friends as possible and bring back more...

Raphael's thoroughly trained power made him inadvertently defeat him before he could persuade him, and there were some things he couldn't make friends with.

No, in fact, I'm just a clumsy player. **

I was able to clear the first lap in 35 hours. After clearing, you can take over the levels and items, so the 2nd and 3rd laps ended earlier than the 1st lap. The total up to 3 laps is about 65 hours.

Even with the same character, if you change the type of troops, the way you fight will change dramatically, so you can play with a fresh feeling every time. Support conversations are also relaxing, and you can enjoy who and who you want to fight with, as if you were making a coupling!


I love the exhilarating action of the Musou series, but I also felt that I was a little tired of playing the series for many years. However, This work has a strategy like Fire Emblem, and since the interaction between the characters was drawn firmly, I was able to play until the end without sagging on the way. **

This work is not a sequel to Fuka Yuzuki, so if you start with this work and get hooked, then you can play Fuka Yuzuki... and so on.

Fire Emblem Musou Fukayukitsuki is on sale for Nintendo Switch.


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