Abnormal experience omnibus SCP: Secret File Delivered on September 13 at Steam. The world of SCPs drawn in a variety of styles, from first -person horror to retro

Publisher PixMain announced on August 25 that it will release SCP: Sutter File (SCP: Secret Files) on September 13. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam) and supports Japanese subtitles. The console version is scheduled to be released in 2023.

SCP: Secret File is a collection of omnibus episodes that experience various mysterious cases. The stage of this work is a world where unusual objects and phenomena are real, such as supernormal phenomena and mystery. For things and events that are out of such common sense, an organization called the SCP Foundation has made a leap. They have kept unusual things secretly, accommodate, and protect them, and have been maintained by human beings.

Karl, the main character of this work, is a new researcher in the SCP Foundation. Carl, who had just joined the Foundation as an assistant of Dr. Raymond Ham, was in charge of organizing files. However, while reading the material, something strange happened. The awareness of reality changes and is mentally affected. In this work, the player seems to experience various mysterious elephants from the perspective of Karl.

One of the recording episodes is the story of a detention violation set in an old hydropower plant (the one managed by the SCP Foundation deviates from under control). One of the SCP Foundation's containment facilities, Site-74 Pony Station, is a reusable facility, and has been accommodating relatively safe objects for many years. However, recently, the SCP-701, which is classified as a relatively dangerous object class EUCLID, is accommodated. During the experiment on SCP-701, Site-74 will not be able to contact from the outside.

Agent Bella of the SCP Foundation, the protagonist of this episode, invades Site-74 for a survey in such a situation. The player investigates a detention violation related to SCP-701 from the perspective of Bella. While exploring the SITE-74, which has been closed in darkness and silence, he witnesses the end of the experiment on SCP-701 Hanging King's Tragedy. Site-74 itself is abnormal and horror taste is also a feature of this episode.

In this work SCP: Secret File, various mysterious phenomena, including the above episodes, are drawn. Not only horror, but also bright fairy tale-style stories and stories that get lost in the strange dot painting world. It seems that you can experience a variety of styles, as there are various SCPs.

The work is developing this work by independent studio Gamezoo Studio based in Beijing, China. According to the explanation in the trial version released in June 2022, there are six members of the studio. It is composed of members of various backgrounds, such as animation/movie/mobile games, and is working to convey the story with new methods. According to a post in Steam, SCP-049 was scheduled to appear in this work. However, in order to maintain the consistency of the story, the appearance of SCP-049 in the main story is abandoned. The episode related to SCP-049 seems to be distributed as DLC. The SCP Foundation, which is deeply involved in the settings of this work, is a fictional organization that has been created and published on the Internet using a common setting.

SCP: Secret File supports Japanese subtitles and will be released on September 13 for PC (Steam). The console version is scheduled to be released in 2023.


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