FIFA is not wanting to understand modern television narratives and is a very serious problem

EA Sports has been evolving the FIFA saga, with many improvements that help promote realism. It has endless licenses with which we can represent the team of our heart, its equipment, stadiums... Everything to create a special soccer atmosphere and feel that we are watching a real match from the Hall of the House.

But in the Spanish version of the game, several years ago we need a drastic change to favor that television immersion we are talking about. Yes, we talk about the team of commentators that have been forming Manolo Lama and Paco González for more than 20 years. We greatly respect their work and are two huge professionals, but it is time for the witness to pass. There are many reasons, as we told you last year.

It smells a little closed

FIFA wants to resemble a television broadcast, and this is something that has changed a lot in recent years. In Spain, specifically, The way of narrating matches has improved considerably with, more and more professionals . Years ago, just one or two games on television were narrated, so he played pulling the radio to find out how our team was going. Now, it is possible to see the 10 games of the Liguera de Cierarilla day throughout the weekend.

But Ea Sports has not had to understand this. They have a product, such as FIFA video game, mainly intended for the young public , who practically do not use radio as a means to listen to football. But are still determined to keep the team of radio narrators equally, although practically no one maintains that tune -never better-with them. In fact, in some cases, such as this one that writes to you, gets up to to deactivate the comments in the party options.

There are a lot of narrators and television commentators with which the audience is much more familiar than with Manolo Lama and Paco González . Those who are still stagnant in journalism 20 years ago and every time fit less with a modern product such as a video game .

FIFA In addition, several of these football professionals are usually closer to new technologies or platforms such as Twitch , so it would be easier to empathize with the audience, which not only listens to them by narrating matches or at the foot of the field every day; They also follow them in their personal channels. Miguel Ángel Román, Rodrigo Faez or Miguel Quintana are just some of the examples of what we are talking about.

Several of those mentioned usually know how everything related to FIFA works, and have even participated in competitive events of the game by narrating matches . For their part, Manolo and Paco admit that they have never played, and that they have seen their children throwing some games.

Why is EA sports determined not to change?

The main reason seems quite simple, and it is none other than to save resources. It is evident that they have a lot of recorded material during all these seasons, and they get much cheaper to hire Manolo and Paco , than to do it with new commentators. This type of work is paid by number. And if you change equipment, the investment of money and time would be much greater. But, of course, It is not that in Ea Sports they win little money to not take more care of this aspect.

Every time there are more voices against Manolo Lama and Paco González , due to their repetitive and outdated comments. It is true that we have been listening to them, but their work seems done with disdain and without passion, only to fulfill. Renew the team of commentators, as they are doing both in Movistar and Dazn , it is a necessary step ** for the FIFA saga already, because the television emotion that must be transferred while we have the command in hand, It has disappeared totally. And it's a shame.


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