Monster Hunter Rise: Sunblake Free Title Apde Participation in Espinus subspecies. Tsujimoto P was also hints with arm for the sudden announcement.

On August 25, Capcom announced an additional monster in the second free title update Monster Hunter Rise . Notified of the addition of the spine tea dragon Espinus subspecies.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunblake (Sambreak) is planned to update three free titles within 2022. In each update, rare species, special individuals, enhanced individuals, etc. are added. In the first installment, rare species of Nargakuruga, Bazelgius, Rioleus, and Rio Leia appeared.

In the second free title update scheduled for the end of September, it has been announced that the Espinus subspecies will appear. Espinus is a monster that appeared in Monster Hunter Frontier (hereinafter referred to as Frontier), and the same is true. Although it is a subspecies, the monster reprint from the second Frontier has been decided in Sambreak.

The Espinus variant in the Frontier was a monster with a strong acid, unlike the original species, and instead of paralyzed poison. When a breath attack with acids is received, the hunter's defense is down. In addition, there was a powerful breath attack that could be said to be a special move, and it had a wide and instant death class power. On the other hand, like the normal Espinus, it was characterized by a leisurely sleeping.

Users seem to be excited by the sudden announcement of the Sanburake official Twitter account. In the official live broadcast the other day, Ryozo Tsujimoto, a producer of the Monster Hunter series, suggested that some subspecies monster appeared with a decoration that seemed to mimic an espinus on his arm. This is the shape that was confirmed as an Espinus subspecies.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunblake is being distributed to the Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam) version. The second free title update will be distributed at the end of September. From today, an event quest that can obtain a special layered armor production material has been distributed.


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