Twitter is robbed of 5.4 million account information.

Global Social Media Twitter admitted that the vulnerability attacks were seized of 5.4 million user account information. Twitter account information, which is sold for $ 30,000 (about 39 million won) through the Dark Web (difficult to track), is known to include phone numbers and email addresses entered by the user.

On the 6th (local time), cyber security foreign media, including The Hacker News, reported that Twitter officially confirmed the leakage of user account information.

Hacker According to the report, the hacker posted a post on the Dark We, a total of 548,5636 accounts that collected using Twitter vulnerabilities. The sales data included various accounts such as celebrities, companies, and random IDs and email and phone number information connected to the account.

The vulnerability that hackers exploited was reported on January 1 through the bug bounty platform 'Hacker One', and Twitter completed the vulnerability patch on the 13th of the same month. Blipping Computer said that before the vulnerability became known, it was said that it collected data using vulnerabilities in December last year.

Twitter admitted that the account that hackers sell through the Dark Web will be the actual Twitter user through the security announcement posted on the 5th.

Twitter is a bug that tells the vulnerability that caused the accident, When someone submits an e-mail address or phone number to the Twitter system (if you have signed up with the information), It's happening when you update.


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