A Halloween event will be held at WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS. The additional line of German battleships will also be officially implemented

War gaming announced on September 29 that it will hold the Halloween event A Light In The Dark ‘22 in the basic online seaside action game WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS. The period is three weeks from October 17 to November 7. In addition, Halloween Update: New Friends, Old Enemy is planned to implement new ships and new ships.

In the Halloween event A Light In The Dark 22, the aim is to defeat the Rasputin, a legendary enemy ship that appears as AI, in cooperation with his friends. By participating in the event or obtaining the target store handle, you can get ancient fragments, and you can use three Halloween themes costumes and new crates. As an event reward, there are British Tier ⅴ Premium cruisers Perth, eerie designed ship skins, and special captain. If you can clear the scenario with the highest difficulty, you will be able to obtain a Japanese Tier II Premium battleship Karachi. Details seem to be released on the official blog later.

In the Halloween Update, the additional line of the German battleship that appeared in early access is clear, and the official implementation is officially implemented. It seems that five ships from Tier II to Tier II will be able to study, including Print Utrecht. These new ships are equipped with consumables such as loading boosters and emergency work teams, and high Tier ships are also equipped with underwater hearing.

In addition, there will be a development project that can be built with the Burgoyne battleship of Legendary Tier. Burgundy is one of the fastest ships in Legendary Tier, boasting a maximum speed of 32 knots. She seems to have consumables such as the main gun loading booster and engine boost. This project can be performed by all players without restrictions, so be sure to complete and get Burgundy.

The Fortress campaign that can be obtained by the Soviet Union's Tier ⅷ premium cruiser Ronstadt as the final reward will be held from October 3 to November 7. In this campaign, you can obtain various rewards by clearing the mission. It is important to note that in order to receive the final reward Ronstadt, the Navy support (battle pass) that can be purchased in the in-game currency Dacron is required.


In addition, the Halloween update will implement implementation such as Tier ⅴ Premium Aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL and the British Captain Harold B. Franco. Please check the official update page for details because you can adjust the balance and bug correction.

WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS is being distributed for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.


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