LOL: The two champions who are dominating Soloq and that you must play as soon as possible to climb Elo

Who says new patches , necessarily says Evolutions of the Meta of League of Legends. While the latter are not necessarily very shocking, they are important details for Riot Games, since they allow developers to see if the changes made fulfill the function that they are supposed to be fulfilled.


In fact, these details are also destined to help maintain a healthy metajuego , observing when the rate of victories and the popularity of a champion increases, nerfing them preventively if the changes they have suffered seem to have done them too much powerful. This is the case of these two characters, whose rate of victories and popularity are increasing drastically, but will receive a small adjustment of accounts during patch 12.18.

Heparin, The Master of the Jungle

The shadow of the queen war in Sold , especially in the highest ranges. The picket increased by 5% in platinum and upper ranges, to almost 17%. The Win rate of him has increased almost 3% , to reach 51.5% today. It is not enough to be considered OP for Riot Games (the limit is 52%), but given the increase in its selection rate, it seems that the champion is very strong even in inexperienced hands. In addition, the Bans rate of him is now 62% in diamond or higher ranges , which shows that players see it as a threat.

Riot Games decided to reduce its power in the BE , lowering the physical damage bonus of fuss (q) and the healing of favor (w) . Heparin should continue to be quite strong despite this, since Riot Games developers have declared that they want the champion to play in these Worlds.

Mackie, the most powerful League of Legends bush

The case of Mackie is less impressive in terms of popularity (from 1 to 7%), but in terms of w INMATE is somewhat higher since now exceeds 53%. Riot Games also has it in the sights, and plans to reduce the healing of its passive . The damage to the hidden bushes in the weeds should also be reduced, although this change is stranger. And it is that the Vibrato is not to the maximum or on the To plane (where Mackie shines) or in the jungle . In order not to penalize the jungles too much, The damage that inflicts the Q to the monsters has been increased.


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