Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake Capcom alerted Remodeling data. The darkness of the unauthorized tampered with puppet undertaking quests

On September 2, Capcom made a post of attention to illegal modification data in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. He has been calling for attention to avoid creating and using game data that has been tampered with fraudulent falsification, such as a puppet study quest.

In the first free title update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (hereinafter, Samburake), a puppet-based study quest has been added as a new content in addition to four new monsters such as Nargakuruga species. After this quest can be ordered, a puppet-based study quest will be obtained due to the destruction of the puppy monster. Each puppet study quest has a level, and by clearing, the quest recipient can obtain a higher-level puppet strategy quest for the same subjugation.

The official Twitter account has been alerted about fraudulent data in this puppet study quest. It is reported that if you create and use game data that is impossible in normal play, the game will not be able to play properly, and in some cases the game itself will not be played.

It is also urged to delete it immediately without playing a quest that has been tampered with. In this work, by participating in the puppet strategy quest received by other players, the same puppet-share quests will be added after clearing. As a result, if you participate in a quest that has been tampered with without noticing, there is a risk that an unauthorized quest will be added to the list of puppetary review quests you have. The above sentence is intended to be careful not to have such suspected quests.


On the other hand, information to determine the unauthorized tampered pierced puppetary quest is currently being prepared, and will be provided separately. It is difficult to distinguish until the information is announced, so it is better to avoid playing a puppet study quest that is not sure that it is safe. The impact of playing a quest that has been incorrectly tampered with is currently under investigation.


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