Officially alerts the Remodeling Quest information on Monhan: Sunbreak -SNS, which was swayed by the report of save data damage

In Capcom's hunting action Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak , reports that save data has been damaged regardless of Steam/switch is maintained on SNS.

The cause was not initially revealed at first, and the word remodeling quest was trended on Twitter. This was mainly rumored that data would have been damaged when playing a specific monster study quest that contains suspicious content, but at that time data was damaged. It is not clear whether the cause is in the remodeling quest, and various speculation, such as Is it the number of defeats?

Later, Capcom made an official presentation on the symptoms, and some of the symptoms related to save data were due to enlargement of save data, but also officially confirmed the existence of remodeled quest . It became clear. However, the effects of playing the remodeling quest are under investigation.

Regarding the remodeling quest, the remodeling quest has spread in the series work Monster Hunter 4 in the past, and Capcom has alerted it (Web archive). At this time, the causal relationship between remodeling quest and data damage is unknown, but even if it is irrelevant, playing an illegal quest is beyond the original way of enjoying the game. Also, please note that playing such quests is not possible to suffer any disadvantage.


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