The best locations for weapons at the beginning of the game in Steering

Steel rising takes place in France in 1879. In this alternative temporary scale you play for the auspices, a reasonable machine gun. There are several tools and weapons at the disposal. This weapon is not everything created equal; It is important to know which weapon to use. Here are the best locations for weapons at the beginning of the game in Steel rising.

Best Power Weapon: Fire chain

Fire chain is one of the best types of weapons available at the beginning of the game. The fiery chain is scaled primarily by force and alchemy and is an excellent weapon of middle weight. Calling of fire with a special technique, the chain crashes into the ground, having a strong effect and filling the chain with fire for a limited time.

The fiery chain is located in the city of Disabled House near First Vestal . Rise along the path and pass through two columns to the cemetery. Follow the cemetery around the church until you leave the stone fence and turn left. You will see two jaguars and an assault righter guarding the chest. The weapon is in the chest.

Best Sleepy Weapon: Fake and Saber

Fake and Saber Double Sword-the the best choice for assembling for dexterity at the beginning of the game. This weapon primarily depends on dexterity and has a high level of immobilization, which allows you to immobilize your goals in order to apply critical blows. The tornado blade A special technique makes the acid perform a rotational attack, which inflicts a flurry of strokes.

Fake and Saber can be found in forest in St. Cloud Before the battle with the Unstable Lightning Ram mini-beard. From the well you will need to go through the well and turn right until you reach a small building on the left. The weapon is in the chest in this building.

The best alchemical weapon of the elements: Hephaestus batons.

Hephaestus batons are a great option for any assembly oriented to alchemy. Hephaestus' batons are scaled primarily with the help of alchemy and strength using quick combinations of quick attacks. Far attack A special technique: shoot fiery shells for your targets, as well as filling the batons with fire for a limited time.

This weapon is located in Dauphin Square in La Site immediately after the victory over the mini-bead is an unstable butcher. Turning away from the chest in the center of the arena, you will see a small wooden path on the walls. Climb from here and enter the open room. In this room there is a chest with Hephaestus's wands.


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