Barch's STG DANMAKAI: Red Forbidden Fruit A rare occurrence that is treated as hidden mode overseas for illegal copying.

The cat hut in the Personal Circle Forest is a barrage shooting Dalmatia: Red forbidden Fruit released on October 13, 2020. The harassment mode prepared for illegal copying measures in this work is posted on Twitter by Circle Representative Arena Mazurka, which is introduced overseas as a hidden mode of ultra-high difficulty. 。

This work is a magical barrage shooting with four difficulty levels that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced users. Players challenge all seven stages while choosing their own capture style, such as accumulating power and attacking with strong shots, using a buster attack that erases enemy bullets.

According to the post, it was introduced on how to play harassment mode on a trick introduction site overseas. The harassment mode is specifications such as the boss's physical strength, the mini-game can be played between the stage, Characters that get in the way always appear in the second half, and even if the last boss is defeated, it will not be cleared. is. Hanuka Mazurka commented on this mode as is not fun because the harassment element is strong .

The GAME*SPARK editorial department conducted an email interview with Hard Mazurka. He has commented on rarity that he had never expected.

――How did you know how it was featured in overseas news?

Hanuka Mazurka: I sometimes egos on Twitter about my work, but when I saw an unfamiliar site, it was a website that introduced games capture information and tricks. It feels like an article appeared there.

――What did you feel when you realized that it would be featured in overseas news?

Hanuka Mazurka: As I put it in as a harassment, I was introduced like useful information and laughed.

In the article, it was mainly written that croquette fairies appear as an enemy, but the nervous breakdown game that is forced to play during the stage is more painful, so those who actually tried it are frustrating. That's right (by the way, this nervous breakdown can be played regularly if you put a hidden command on the title screen. It is not interesting).

-Did you feel that there are actually many illegal copies and have this response (harassment mode)?

Hanuka Mazurka: In modern times, I think it's better to buy it regularly than to break it, so I don't feel like there are many illegal copies.

However, I knew the existence of a site that illegally distributed the game, and I liked the interesting copy protection of retro games, so I put it in a half joke.

I am confident that it is a good game, so I think you can think I want to play with regular products!

――Is it still considered in the future?

Hanuka Mazurka: I don't think it's a good idea, so it's a secret...

Currently, a special promotion that can be purchased for Dalmatia: Red forbidden Fruit for 693 yen off is currently on Steam. The sale will end on October 18.


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