KakaoTalk Data Center Fire. My data is my data?

As KakaoTalk's major service failures, such as KakaoTalk, are found to be due to the fire of SK C & C data center, users are worried about data loss. In case, the anxiety that my usage information stored in the data center will disappear due to a fire.

Fortunately, SK C & C says that the fire damage does not affect the customer data because the fire damage does not reach the server room and the computer room. In order to prevent the spread of fire suppression, the construction of the building is blocked, and the work is completed, so if the fire suppression work is completed and the power is restored, major services such as KakaoTalk are expected to resume.


According to the industry, a fire broke out at 3:30 pm at SK C & C data center in Pang yo, Seagram. The fire authorities were reported to have suppressed the fire.

The fire accident caused the inconvenience of users as Aka Talk, Aka T (Taxi), Aka Pay, Aka Map, and Drum became a lot of inconvenience. Even now, the number of damage and dissatisfaction of users is increased due to the lack of normal service resumption.

According to SK C & C, the fire occurred in an electric facility located in the basement of the data center. The flames did not fall short of the server room and the computer room, and it was reported that the building was blocked to prevent the spread of the fire. For this reason, Aka's major services such as KakaoTalk are found to have been in food for several hours.

SK C & C said, The current flames have been completed, and there is a work to identify the possibility of an additional fire after cleanup. It was revealed.


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