Mike Flanagan and the midnight Ms future in Netflix: Will there be seon 2?

The The curse of Hill House, Oculus, Gerald's game, Doctor Sleep, Ouija: The origin of evil... different very acclaimed series and horror movies thanks to the good work in the genre of a single figure: Mike Flanagan, the popular American director. And one of him's the most beloved works, Midnight Ms, whose future is in the Air e. The end of the first seon left us wanting more and all the spectators agreed that the logical thing would be a continuation, but will we have it?

In the Collider portal, Flanagan h spoken about it and h made something very clear: He wants to do it, but everything depends on Netflix . It is the first time we design something to make it continuous, and it is a completely new sensation because you want the seon to end, but you must do something for people to want to return. We have no idea about whether we are going to do more, he explains. In addition, the director states that there is a great answer to the final bars of the first seon , and that if there is no seon 2, he undertakes to share it through Twitter.

What is midnight Ms?

Through the 7 episodes that make up the first seon, the series tells us the story of a town that does not go through a precisely positive situation. The social and economic problems of its inhabitants have the Cabizbaja community and only have one thing to hold on: their faith. Something especially promoted by The arrival of a new priest that, thanks to the charism and closeness of him with others, everyone wins every1. Some believe that his appearance is a real blessing, although they soon discover that not only brings miracles...

  • Everything you should know about midnight Ms

Midnight Ms seon 1 is available in Netflix and is one of the best valued horror series of recent years , with a 6.6 in film affinity after almost 9,000 votes, a 7.7 in IMDB and an 86% in Rotten Tomatoes. Flanagan explains, for the moment we do not know if seon 2 will finally materialize; Meanwhile, you can continue to fear on the platform, thanks to series such 28 paranormal days and one of the most anticipated of the year such 1899.


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