Basic play free naval battle game WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS added 6 new ships in the latest Apde. Deals sale on Black Friday

War gaming distributed the latest update for the basic play free online naval battle action game WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS on November 7. At the same time, the Black Friday event was started.

World of Warships: Legends is an online match game that takes place on various ships. In this update, a new Tier VIII ship appears in the British and French technical tree. The destroyer Jutland, the cruiser Neptune, and the battleship Numéraire are added to the UK. France includes destroyer Matador, cruiser Saint Louis, and battleship ALSACE.


And for five weeks from November 7 to December 12, a approaching storm campaign will be held. With free rewards without maritime support, camouflage, crate, and various Exp can be obtained according to the progress. Additional rewards are also available for maritime support (2500 Dacron). By completing the campaign, you can win the Japanese Tier VIII Premium Destroyer Gale.

In addition, a Black Friday event is also being held at the in-game store. Five black ships with event specifications have appeared. The Italian Tier V Premium cruiser DUCK D'Aorta B and the German Tier VI Premium Destroyer Z-39 B. In addition, the Japanese Tier VIII premium cruiser Kabuki B, which has changed more than usual, and the German Tier VII premium battleship Bismarck B are on sale.

In addition, the Italian Tier III premium battleship DANTE ALIGHIERI B, which can be replaced with a SAP bullet module, has also appeared. It can be obtained by completing a special mission that can be purchased with 5 million credit. In addition to the above ships, various sales are being implemented. It is said that further sales products will be added on November 14 and 21.

And on November 10, one-on-one ranks will be revived. The first season will begin on the same day and will be held for four seasons in the future. Details will be announced in the official blog post by November 10.

In addition, from December 1st, capers and pirate ships will appear on the store. Details will be revealed at a later date about pirate content. In this update, a wide variety of balance adjustments have been implemented. For details, please check this official website.

WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS is being distributed for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.


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