FIFA 23 predicts azil losing to Argentina in the World Cup final

Every year of the World Cup, FIFA, EA Sports's electronic football simulation game, predicts what the final of the global team tournament will be.

Previously, the video game simulation hit three champions through the predictions made within the game. In 2010, the simulator agreed that Spain would take the cup; In 2014, the game agreed that the Germany team would be the champion; And in 2018, the ball in time was the forecast that France would be the best selection of the year.

For the long-awaited 2022 World Cup, which takes place at Qatar, the forecast warned that the champion team will be Argentina-and in a match against azil.


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Despite the fact that the developer hit the winners of the last three editions of the World Cup, some mistakes happen in the process. Sometimes the game uses its own rules and player statistics rather than facts related to real football.

In 2018, for example, Antoine Riemann was the (scorer) of the virtual World Cup, while in real life the title went to the Englishman Harry Kane.

This time, the game predicted that Argentina and azil will face each other after leading their respective groups. However, given the real World Cup table and format, if this happens, the teams will face the semifinal-stretching impossible to permanence both teams to the final.

Due to the positioning error of the teams, azilians can be calm: there is no chance for Argentina to beat the azilian team 1-0.

For those who want to test the experience of the virtual World Cup on their own, the event has been available at FIFA 23 since Wednesday (9).


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