Kakao ends the damage Improvement from the origin

Aka repeatedly apologized by completing the case of the 'Service Food Tonga' due to the midnight data center fire.

Aka said, I'm sorry for those who have told me about my time and users who have been uncomfortable.

The company said, We have been making services hard with the dream of 'space communication agreement' for the past 12 years. I was looking back to see if it was forgotten.

We are doing our best to identify clear causes and prepare measures to prevent recurrence, he said. I will improve from the origin.

The company said, We will carefully review the inconveniences you have received, and make it the foundation for creating a better service. It can't be d1.

He said, We will listen to and communicate more hardly with your voice with the severe responsibility of the service that is responsible for the daily life.

Recently, Aka founder Kim Bamboo, director of the Initiative Center and Hong Sub-task, attended the National Assembly's Science and Technology Information and Communications Commission as a witness, and received about 45,000 cases of damages as of the 24th. It is expected to be expected to be 40 billion won.


It is expected to be judged only after the damage is completed. Kim Bamboo, director of the center, said, There is no precedent worldwide (for free service users).

Since the 19th of last month, the company has received damages, especially for paid subscription service users such as KakaoTalk, Aka Commerce and Aka Mobility. Aka Pay, Aka Webtoon, Aka TV, and Melon users have already completed a certain compensation and have been delivered additional damage.


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