FIFA 23 - League SBCs set to RETURN to Ultimate Team in time for TOTY


FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players, rejoice! It looks like League SBS are set to make a return to the game just in time for the highly anticipated Team of the Year (TONY) release. With this update, not only will gamers be able to increase their coin balance or save packs, but they'll also have access to more content and rewards than ever before. Find out what's new in this article and get ready for the TONY discount!

The FIFA 23 World Cup campaign has actually brought us lots of material in Ultimate Group over the previous month approximately, but one major piece of the puzzle has actually been missing-League SBS!

FUT gamers are now seeking to either increase their coin balance or save packs in preparation for the upcoming Team of the Year (TONY) discount.

Well, it looks like that's about to alter.

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League SBS provide a lucrative and repeatable method to feed your pack addiction, whilst making a neat profit in the process.

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What are League SBS?

The group reward is always a better pack compared to the subsections within the SBC.

League SBS are repeatable, which suggests you can complete them continuously and save up great deals of packs.

For every single specific squad that you submit, you will receive a pack reward, whilst you will likewise get a group benefit when you finish the whole Squad Building Obstacle.

League SBS are a series of Squad Structure Obstacles that EA launches every year within Ultimate Team.

Return of the Mack

@DonkTrading has been spot-on with his FIFA 23 leaks considering that the video game's release and has actually brought us yet another special.

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To what we make sure will be the pleasure of numerous FUT players, League SBS will be returning to Ultimate Team quickly.

A purple League SBC card type has actually been upgraded in the database which can indicate only one thing-their release looms!

With the Team of the Year promotion set to kick off in January, the intro of League SBS couldn't come at a much better time.

You will be able to save up vast numbers of packs whilst trying to make a revenue in FUT 23 with the 'League SBC grind'.

Discover out how to efficiently perform the League SBC Grind in FUT 23 here.


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