Get The Best Reward For Your First Play In High On Life

When you start with High on Life, you will immediately want to go through all the rewards that you can get. Of these, Kris and Douglas are one of the first you can pass. Kris is an addict-psychopath, the main drug of which is the van, small creatures resembling hedgehogs. Having defeated him, you will receive the Gatlin rifle of Has. On the other hand, Douglas is a squid Sadist who, when you defeat him, will provide you with Sews Gatlin weapons. Of course, they are both excellent options, as you get excellent awards, as well as achievement for each award completed. But who would you choose the first as a reward, Kris or Douglas?

Who should I choose first Kris or Douglas as a reward

At first it may not seem so obvious, but first you want to go with Douglas.

This is mainly because of weapons, Sews. If you do this the opposite, you will skip the shooting for your work, since you must have a soon. This achievement is available only during the Kris contract.


You will be asked to talk with the Moppet secretary named Helen. If you have a soon, you can choose a dialogue option I am a new boss. You will not receive this option if you do not have a soon. At this stage, you can control piles using various dialogue options until an achievement appears. To learn more about High on Life, read the cheats and codes High on Life (December 2022)-are there any? And should you stab a gin with a knife in High on Life? Only in Pro Game Guides.


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