How to go through the Material Girl Challenge test in BitLife, here is how

To complete the Bit life material girl challenge is easy if you know how to achieve each goal. Start with the creation of a female character then follow the following actions.

All goals in material girl challenge

To perform the material girl challenge in Bit life, players need to complete the following main tasks: Marry more than five paps Never sign a marriage contract Never keep your job Buy jewelry worth more than $2 million while married Buy a yacht

how to marry more than five cadets in Bit life

The first goal of the Material Girl test is to marry more than five pupils. To do this, we recommend getting old until eighteen. Now go to the dating application from the Love section in the Action section. When setting your preferences in the application, configure the age of your love hobby above 50. In addition, make sure that a person’s own capital exceeds $700 thousand. As soon as you find a couple, meet with it and increase the value of the relationship to the maximum, making love, spending time or compliments. After a while, make them an offer and get married. Immediately apply for divorce next year. Repeat the process until you marry five daddies to complete the first task.

How never to sign Prenup in Bit life

The second task of the last task is to never sign any marriage documents.


It is quite simple. Just do not sign any marriage documents when marriage at any moment of your life.

How never to keep work in Bit life

The third task in testing Material Girl is to remain without work. Never get a job throughout your life to save the target in the quest list.

how to buy jewelry for $2 million, being married in Bit life

The penultimate quest in the test Material Girl is to buy jewelry for more than 2 million, being married. Since you cannot take the work in the test, we recommend taking money from the Paris for the purchase of jewelry. You can also use the money inherited in marriage for purchases. Visit the TAB trading section for the purchase of jewelry and other accessories.

How to buy a yacht in Bit life

The final quest in the test-buying a yacht. To buy a yacht, you must have a license for a boat in the game. Go to the Actions tab and click Licenses. At the same time, select the boat license and apply for an interview by paying $155. After enrollment, go through the test by answering a simple question about boats/ships. Having received a license, you can buy a yacht in the purchase section. Use cash inherited from marriage/divorce as money. After buying a ship, you will complete the entire task. To learn more about Bit life, see all special careers in Bitlife-how to get special careers or how to divorce Bit life on Pro Guides.


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