What Gatlians Do In High On Life

High on Life is the Squinch Games version of mixing first-person shooting elements with the satirical nature of Rick and Morty. As hunting, players have the task of saving the land of an alien poster, and this task becomes much easier with the help of sensitive weapons known as Italians. As creative as they are, you will find enough of them during your departure. Here is everything you need to know about how to get all the Italians, as well as what they do in High on Life. This publication will contain spoilers about each of the Italians, how you get them and what they do. If you have not yet gone through the game, get away. If you don't care, continue.

Get all the Italians

Throughout its ten hours of play, you will find five Gatlin weapons, each with unique skills and personalities. Winning them is simple, since they are unlocked through key points in the history of high on life. You will unlock them all within the first five rewards you start at High on Life.

All Italians explained

Image Source: Squinch Games As mentioned, there are five Italians in total in High on Life who will make their trip much easier. Each has a main fire and a unique ability that has the double purpose of eliminating enemies and helping with the exploration of the world. Kenny: Your initial partner, Kenny, is your basic gun and functions as such, although with a faster shooting speed and the ability to speak. Kenny's unique feature is called Glob Shot, which allows him to shoot a giant Baba ball. Use it to move panels and obstacles outside the road, or use it in enemies to throw them into the air. The enemies thrown can be juggling repeatedly. Knife: As the name implies, Knife is your combat knife with an extreme sense of thirst for blood. Knife can be used to stab the enemies or divert enemy projectiles, open lummoxes for weights and act as a grip hook to cross secret areas quickly and agile. Gus: Each FPS title has to have a shotgun, and Gus is your option for melee combat. Gus's main shot is a shotgun cartridge, secondary is a vacuum to bring enemies and their unique ability a giant disk that can be used as a platform when the walls are triggered. Following the ability of the disk, this can also be shot at the enemies and bounce among enemies causing mass damage. Knife can divert the shot of the Gus disc to keep the death blades by turning. Swedish: If you loved Halo Needle, Sneezy will make you feel at home. Needle's clone will shoot needles that will explode when hitting with a photo shot, causing a lot of damage to enemies. Sneezy's unique ability is a time bubble that will slow all trapped on their radio and, when throwing it, the bubble will explode if it shoots with its main fire.


Sneezy can also penetrate certain barriers with its loaded shot, which means that no enemy is safe behind the cover. Creature: finally, but not least, creature. This Gatlin serves as your crowd control weapon; The creature triggers small blue monsters he calls his children.

Their children will attack all the enemies that are within their reach and can be used to clean certain generators that prevent you from accessing the collectibles. His unique ability launches a mental control child who will make enemies become against each other. That is all you need to know about how to get all Italians and what does each of their skills in High on Life do. See similar articles, as if there are multiplayer or cooperative mode in High On Life, the price increase in Xbox's own titles or all new titles that will reach Xbox Game Pass this month. Related Posts How to deal with High On Life Is there multiplayer or cooperative mode in High on Life? High on life is high on rick & morty-style comedy. High on Life obtains an extended game video full of shots and curses High on Life shows a new gameplay with a dialogue inspired by Rick & Morty


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