2023 Mobile Marketing Outlook: Iron Sauce's Strategy for App and Game-Related Workers to Increase Efficiency with the Same Marketing Cost

RESOURCE (Unity and Merging) announced this year's marketing strategy and presented a 2023 mobile marketing outlook for apps and game-related workers who are worried about how to increase efficiency with the same marketing cost. .

If you start a new year and look at the mobile marketing sector so far, the speed of innovation is as fast as the rapidly evolving market change speed, and as the market needs will continue to emerge, it will continue to improve marketing performance by continuously emerging. See.

In 2023, it is expected to expand more diverse marketing channels and advertising materials, analyze and optimize campaigns, and develop AI, and the sales and partners of Iron source Aura, Jess Overton, 2023 We introduced the main expected trends to note.

The first is the popularization of content short foam videos consisting of short images. Last year, short form videos, a short snackable content that can be enjoyed easily and easily on various social media channels, have become popular. Short foam viewing has become more active, and the way people consume content have changed significantly, and the impact is expected to increase in the form of short forms in more advertising materials than the core content of the SNS platform.

At the same time, marketers were given new tasks to produce advertising that can attract users' attention in a shorter time than before. To this end, advertisements using humor, actual characters, and sounds have begun to increase, and this trend is expected to continue in the future, so it will have to be used as a focus.

The second is the mainstream of on-vise advertising. As the UA competition is gradually intensifying, it is a key strategy to discover new channels other than channels that are currently in the marketing campaign to achieve gradual growth. For example, the On-Vice Campaign, where technology providers connect advertisers and mobile carriers, are one of the channels that have been effectively used in mobile apps for a long time. As the importance of efficient and gradual growth is increasing, it is expected to use more active on-visual advertising channels with CPI competitiveness in more apps in the future.

The third is the rise of value exchange-type advertising. As the economic downturn continues, users' demand for alternative payment methods is increasing. As a way to do this, compensation advertisements that users perform certain actions and compensate are widely used in mobile games.

Users who are familiar with the compensation model while playing mobile games will require similar value-exchange advertisements on other channels, so marketers have more potential users by using reward-type advertisements such as compensation videos and off-wall advertisements. You will be able to provide a special advertising experience that provides new opportunities and realizes real value.

Fourth is automatic optimization for cost reduction and efficiency. In other words, in 2023, it is more important to maximize profits from existing users than to introduce new users. The company effectively used its data to profile potential targets, and emphasized the importance of optimizing UA strategies throughout marketing channels through machine learning technology.

Jess Overton, general manager of Iron source Aura, said, Ultimately, the user participation experience can be improved, and the departure rate can be significantly reduced, improving advertising revenue and LTV. It's a good idea to analyze and use data to set customized marketing and campaigns in all channels, such as users, push notifications, and emails. .

In 2023, advertising models such as short foam videos, on-vise advertising, and value exchange-type advertising will continue to become a key mobile marketing trend, and marketers use machine learning and algorithms to establish strategies based on data, as well as automated optimization with automated optimization. Mobile marketing performance will be maximized.


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