Emma Roberts Talks About Her Role in Sony's Madame Web Spin-Off of the Spider-Man Universe

Sony is currently not left with the arms crossed over the Spider-Man universe in the cinema, this despite having very large failures such as Möbius's premiere last year.


In spite of this, the Spin-Offs are still on the way, and the next one is that of Madame Web, a project that has given updates of its production from time to time. At this time there should be a first trailer of the tape, but it seems that Sony is keeping all this to be shown in the great comics or cinema conventions, so the perfect scenarios would be the cinemacon or the San Diego Comic-Con. Even ribbon stars like Emma Roberts have given certain details. In a talk in the Shut Up Evan podcast, the actress talked about her new role, and offered the first details in relation to this mysterious character. Mentioning that it is not really a super heroine and that it really has no special powers. Of course, for some actions it can be considered as a heroin in some way. This is what he said:

What I can tell you is that I am not a superhero. Some people may think that she is a superhero, but no... as if I had no supernatural powers. So I can tell you that. He also talked a little about his experience in the set: I am very, very excited that everyone sees her and, by the way, I am excited to see her, because I only worked like a week in it, so there is much that I have not seen. I could see the graphic scripts and read the script, and it is fantastic. Remember that this film will arrive on February 16, 2024, to theaters. Via: The Direct Editor's note: The more news they arrive, the more attention is attracted to knowing the concept of the tape, and especially if it will be a story of origin or if it is of an already established web. Anyway, we will see that within a year.


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