Exploring the Hidden Basement of Hogwarts Heritage: How to Get In and Unlock Its Secrets

The world of Hogwarts Legacy is full of secret rooms, rooms and aisles. One of the hidden underground rooms that you will find in the first few hours of history is Under croft. The room opens to you Sebastian during the shade of the dungeon. You will have to visit this place several times to fulfill various missions. Here is a guide by the most quick way to get there.

how to get into the basement in Hogwarts Heritage

To get to Under croft, start by opening the Hogwarts map and find an astronomical wing. This is the northwestern part of the castle, it is also mentioned at the very top of the list on the left side of the map screen.

Approach this section of the card, and a flame list will appear, which can be used to quickly move in the Hogwarts heritage. Choose the fourth flooding flame in the list, a class of protection against dark arts, and click the movement button to instantly move to this area.

This flooding flame should already be activated, since you must have already visited the protection class from dark arts during the previous quest. Now you will find a staircase to the right of you. Go down, turn right, and at the end of the corridor you will find the entrance to Under croft. Interact with a door with a few hours to enter the secret room. Stay with us in Pro Game Guides to learn more about Hogwarts's legacy. In the meantime, read our article on how to plant a flux in Hogwarts's Heritage.


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