German Clubs Play-offs: 6 Teams Qualify For FIFAe Club Series 2023 After Week One

The penultimate stage began on Thursday with the online qualifiers. The Central and Western Europe zone appeared firmly in German hands: 14 of the 24 groups came from the Federal Republic. 6 of the 14 already have great prospects for a ticket for the play-offs in the very first week of the game.

in 2015's quarter-finalist is challenging

Already in division one there was a small Purport derby in between FC Schalke 04 and VFL Bochum. Last year, the narrow agents came to the quarter-finals, however the royal blue had a tough time in week one of the qualifiers. The derby lost to the Bochum (0: 3/1: 1), we went to the Lower Bracket, where 1. FC Cologne the next Bundesliga club was waiting. Max 'Antimax' Eggenkämper and Seat 'Serhatinho' Turk against Tim 'Thestrxnger' Katnawatos and Denis 'Denis' Müller dominated narrowly. If the first leg remained goalless, Eggenkämper and Turk scored 2 goals in the 2nd leg, Perfume remained again without a hit. In the last battle of the day, the Schalke and Women Est prophecy (Neo) finally reunited. Both played in the round of 16 of the past club World Cup to move into the round of the last eight. At that time, the Schalke won significantly. In the qualifier, the former Neubauer group attained at least a small revenge for this bitter defeat. Although it didn't look like it after the very first 90 minutes. Schalke took the lead 1-0, whatever after a continued royal blue triumph, Neo battled back. Benedict 'Benecr7' Bauer and the previous Knapp Julius 'July' coolness turned the encounter with a 3-1 and stay in the race for among the play-off tickets. Neo must no longer afford a brand-new defeat in the Lower Bracket Team Vitality LOSC is the very first opponent. In addition to VFL Bochum, 1. FC Cologne and Schalke 04, Borussia Mönchengladbach also left the Lower Bracket.

Rostock remains in the Upper Bracket.

In department 2, Hans Rostock managed to remain in the Upper Bracket. The Kong Team BDS (1: 1/2: 1) defeated the duel with the focus clan. Versus Dylan 'Dullenmike' Neubauer and Mustafa 'Must' Canal thrived Henning 'FCC_Henning' Iambuses and Levy Finn 'Levying' Rick just twice 3-2. The Hanseatic Leafs will go to the Lower Bracket on Friday with Olympic Lyon on Friday, which in turn transferred a man-made Borussia Dortmund (2: 2/1: 0). In this, FSV Mainz 05, in contrast to daily life in the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL), had a sense of achievement. In the VBL for weeks without victory, the Chanhassen triumphed over FC Nantes (1: 0/3: 2), then they sealed that from the focus clan (2: 1/2: 2). Since Borussia Dortmund was defeated by BDS (2: 3/0: 2), there disappears German duel in the Lower Bracket. Completion of 2 defeats was also early for ICONIC.

wolves with a white vest-hanover march through

VFL Wolfsburg has the finest opportunity of advancing in Department 3. 4 gamers clearly beaten (3: 0/4: 0) they were also able to send out Paris St. German (3: 2/3: 1) to the Lower Bracket. Neo Blue is awaiting the wolves on Friday.

In the 2nd video game of the upper half, they directly beat FC Augsburg (1: 0/1: 0), however the Fuggerstädter still remained in the race.


After the very first encounter in the Lower Bracket against Girondins's Bordeaux, they stood with their backs to the wall (2: 3), however turned up in the second 90 in-game minutes. As unleashed, Christoph 'Xthepunisher96' Rule and his group partner Yannick 'Yannic0109' was thought about, provided the challenger from France no chance with a 4-1. As an outcome, the Augsburg meet Hanover 96, who put an exceptional sprint in the Lower Bracket. Like the Fuggerstädter, they lost, however in the upper half of the competition, versus Neo Blue, however then showed up. At initially, Darmstadt furious (3: 0/5: 0), left Aidin 'Eyedin98' Islamic and Road 'Triad' Failing no chance (4: 1/3: 1). It will be chosen Friday from 6 p.m. whether 3 remaining German participants can resolve a ticket for the play-offs.


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