Introducing the First Champion of 2023: Ixtal's Taliyah-Inspired Support!

League of Legends is gradually returning to normal after cyberattack a few weeks ago. This has disrupted several of the company's roadmaps, including those of the patches or updates to several champions. With calm after the storm, the game prepares for the arrival of a new champion, who will arrive in the position of Support and that will be called Emilio. This comes from the Ital region and according to the information we have known throughout the last weeks, it would be a kind of 'little brother' of Aliyah. If you still don't know anything about this character, here we detail your main characteristics: It comes from Ital It will be played in the position of Support It will be a Fire Healer For his appearance it would seem to be Aliyah's little brother The character is inspired by Pokémon.


The arrival of a thousand to the official League of Legends server seems to be imminent

From now on, on the BE servers, the players who go to this lower lane, can see a thousand, or at least one of their Fire buddies, as the creator of YouTube content of League of Legends called Skinspottights called him and that publishes a large amount of information about Mob, especially in the issue of aspects. In August 2022, Riot Ryan Reav3 Miles, one of the main designers of the game, spoke for the first time of a thousand. At that time, Emilio was in the early stages of development, and it was said that it would show a different Ital face than we know for the history of Diana, for example.

The video presented to the champion showing three small orange creatures, which could be the fire mates of a thousand and probably a fundamental part of their skills kit


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