Page Title: Phil Spencer Discusses What Happens If the Purchase of Activision Blizzard Is Blocked

As already known, Xbox deals to acquire Activision Blizzard still unable to close, and that is because world regulators are not yet so convinced to give their approval.

And now, the CEO of the games' application has mentioned what will happen in case the transaction is blocked. Phil Spencer was in the United Kingdom to talk with the market and competition authority, where comments such as selling Call of Duty arose, agreement that they clearly did not access. That is where he mentioned that it would not have a greater affectation if the treatment does not close, since it is not considered a key piece for the future of the brand. This is what mentioned media as Times in a recent interview:

This is an important acquisition for us.


It is not a long-term key piece: Xbox will exist if this agreement is not carried out. It is worth mentioning that once again Call of Duty is consolidated as that important element by which regulators consider that when Blizzard activated being purchased, it can be considered as monopoly. However, Microsoft reiterates its commitment to bring the game to more places, including Nintendo Switch and platforms such as GeForce Now. For now, there is little time for regulators to reach their final verdict. Via: VGC Editor's note: This news tires a little when there is week with week, so many want that time to close soon, either canceled or approved. We'll see what will happen within a few weeks.


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